Cultural mediation - Workshops for children
Le 5/26/2012
The EH offers tours, workshops feasible and suitable for children ages 7 to 16 groups.
The visit takes place in several stages:

Discovery of the watchmaking: In this workshop, students become familiar with the watchmaking trades on touch tables. They must find the logical order of different professions in the process of making a watch.

The Ludotemps: This interactive workshop provides an understanding of how a simple mechanical watch works. The game is accompanied by a presentation and explanation of the operation of various timepieces. If young people pass the test, a collective degree of their EH will be awarded!

The 3D movie: it allows a break in the activities of the visit, the 12 minutes of the film used to introduce the history of watchmaking in the Vallée de Joux!

Treasure hunt in the museum's collections: After the movie, young equipped with a pencil and a sheet of game will find some iconic museum pieces to meet different puzzles that are asked. The game is followed by a correction.

Practical information:

- Workshops on minimum booking a week in advance

- Activity duration: 1:30

- Price: CHF 4 per youth class or package of CHF 50 (7 to 10 years) + CHF 90 per guide.

Additional info:

- Sending the resource pack on request

- Visit the exhibition on request (replace another activity)

- Personalized tour (theme of school work) upon request at least two weeks in advance.

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